Dominica: Tax Reform to Boost Climate Resilience

October 12, 2018
Author: David Cal MacWilliam

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has expressed “plans to make Dominica the first climate resilient nation in the world”. This includes through strengthening the resilience of Dominica’s physical infrastructure and natural environmental, but also through building greater fiscal resilience, flexibility and ability to cope with climate events and shocks.

St. Lucia Looks to Shore Up its Climate Policies

September 07, 2018
Author: Ryan Rafaty

It is a cruel irony of climate change in the 21st century that the developing countries least responsible for the historical growth of cumulative global emissions are also generally those most vulnerable to its worst impacts. As the effects of hurricanes, landslides, coastal flooding, and rising sea levels become more deleterious and destructive, so too do the public finances of affected countries become more prone to regular instability and volatility.

Strong Measures: Getting Fiscal on Climate Change

April 24, 2018
Author:  Wei-Jen Leow

Albert Einstein once said: “The only source of knowledge is experience.” For years I have wondered about this. Surely you can understand something without actually having done it. After all, mankind’s understanding of the vast universe is greater than what can be directly experienced, and some of it is derived from theoretical reasoning. I was on my way to the 2018 Africa Carbon Forum (ACF) to share fiscal policy lessons under the CAPE program and the debate was still raging in my head when I arrived at the UN campus in Nairobi Kenya.