About Us

Climate Action Peer Exchange (CAPE) is a forum for peer learning, knowledge sharing, and mutual advisory support. It brings together ministers and senior technical specialists from finance ministries across the world, as well as World Bank staff and other international experts, to discuss the fiscal challenges involved in implementing the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) established under the 2015 Paris Agreement. CAPE is a contribution of the WBG to the NDC Partnership. 

Focus Area

CAPE has 6 key focus areas. Here you can explore various challenges and opportunities as well as good practices under each focus area.

Climate Change Fiscal Risk Assessments & Management

The adverse effects of climate change on the economy are likely large but difficult to predict and therefore they increase the chances that fiscal outcomes differ substantially from projections.…
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Climate Finance

Substantial financing for climate action is needed. Private and public finance have a complementing role in funding climate change mitigation and adaptation. Given the scarcity of public funds, most…
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Distribution, Competitiveness & Political Economy

Fiscal policies for climate change can affect the distribution of resources within a society and the competitiveness of low- and high-carbon sectors in the economy. This thematic area discusses these…
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Fiscal Instruments for Climate Policy

Climate change is expected to cause major shocks to the macro stability of most countries’ economies. The adoption of command & control and fiscal instruments can importantly contribute to the…
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Macroeconomics of Climate Change

Climate change and its policy responses cause both transitory and permanent supply shocks, some of which are gradual (e.g., reduced agricultural yields, impact of increased temperatures on…
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Public Financial Management

Public expenditure is a necessary element of low-carbon development strategies due to the existence of market failures that cannot be resolved with revenue side fiscal policies. Due to the scarcity…
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This is the quarterly updated CAPE event calendar. You can easily access the event summary of previous events and registration page for upcoming events (except for close-door events).

Knowledge Center

The CAPE Knowledge Center is a curation of publications, tools, and online resources for CAPE focus areas. You can click on one of the focus areas below to filter for all relevant resources.