Fiscal Economist

Dirk Heine is a fiscal economist in the Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice, Global Macro and Debt Unit. In the past, he worked on Financial Transactions Taxation and PIT as a fiscal economist in the German Finance Ministry’s Division for Structural Issues of Tax Policy. At the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department, Dirk co-authored five publications on environmental tax policy, including the book “Getting Energy Prices Right” which won the IMF Management Award. For a paper on personal income tax competition, Dirk received the Deloitte Award for the best tax-related paper of the European Association of Law and Economics, while his work on carbon taxation has been recognized with three prizes from the MIT competition Climate CoLab. He has also received prizes for a methodology to overcome bias in the construction of multi-dimensional progress indices from the World Bank (Apps for Development competition) as well as for an analysis of the growth transmission of property rights reform in a competition of 10 European universities. His PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam is on the role of Finance Ministries in environmental policy and he holds a joint LL.M. and M.Sc. in Economic Analysis of Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, besides a B.A. in Economics from the University of Cambridge. He is a passionate soccer fan.